Cloud Wastage Checklist

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Find out the 24 public cloud tips to guide you and your team in reviewing your own public cloud environment and help identify immediate cost savings.


You need a cloud computing roadmap  

Cloud services are powering significant change within larger digital transformation efforts at multiple levels within the enterprise. Without a unified roadmap to guide and govern your use of cloud services, such broad disruption will create chaos. 


Strike the right balance for stakeholders

Everyone wants to move faster. Beyond that, business leaders, developers, and tech managers have very different demands, concerns, constraints, and expectations of cloud services. Know your stakeholders and make them happy by enabling multiple paths to the same destination without introducing too much friction.


I&O pros should be in charge of the roadmap

Regardless of who buys, downloads, signs up for, or creates a cloud app or platform in the first place, eventually, tech management will have to monitor, secure, optimize, and upgrade it.